When we talk about computing, there are still people who only have the image of the prototype American movie boy with glasses and who plays video games every day. However, the reality is not this, as it also happens that there are professional women in this field.

Many experts believe that reaching out to girls and encouraging them to pursue computer science at an early age could bring about significant change in the industry. This is the starting point of the new Girls Who Code initiative , an NGO that seeks precisely to raise awareness about gender disparity in computer fields.

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Thus, DojaCode allows fans to unlock hidden video content. While learning basic coding languages , within the video clip of the song “Woman” by Doja Cat. In this way, the website allows users to get into the role of the director, since they will be able to decide certain how to get a korean phone number contents. With the options you can change the costume and the environment or even summon the artist herself.

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How Does Doja Cat’s Encodable Interactive Music Video Work?

To access this experience, all you have to do is go to Dojacode, where we are greeted by a futuristic image of Doja Cat that becomes pixelated as we drag the mouse across the screen. On the next page we see three stars , each representing a different programming language: yellow for CSS, blue for Javascript, and pink for Python.

It plays the same as the original piece, only that we will have to make decisions throughout it. Kind of like a choose your own adventure game, but with code. When the video stops we can fill in the blank spaces in addition to the lines of code. For example, the first pause allows you to change the color of Doja Cat’s nails using CSS. In another scenario, entering a city name changes the video’s time of day.

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