Poker has a clear path to follow to maintain the good numbers it has reaped during the most difficult moments of the health crisis. Platforms have to try to reach more customers who can become new consumer users of their products. And that can only be achieved by investing decent amounts of money in digital marketing.

In a context in which online gaming is beginning to encounter barriers in many European countries to promote itself as freely as before, renewal is key. The campaigns of a decade ago have nothing to do with the current ones and the World Poker Tour knows it.

One of The Most Important Circuits in The Industry

One of the most important circuits in the industry has been the latest to turn its global marketing department around. They want to execute a new strategic plan and they want to do it with new faces on board. Hermance Blum, until now vice hong kong phone number president of WPT Europe, will be in charge of taking the lead.

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He knows the WPT brand very well. And has made it very important in more than a dozen countries on the old continent in recent years. WPT presenter Lynn Gilmartin will combine her usual role with that of director of social content. While Lance Bradley joins the team as director of communication.

All of Them Have Been Praised

All of them have been praised by the upper echelons of the WPT as the ones indicated. To be part of the department, for their experience and for the taste for poker that all of them have shown. Ideal for a reform seen what happened in the last year and a half. And it is not the first time that WPT has had to readjust part of its content during the pandemic. Already last year he had to bet on holding his best series of tournaments in an online format. Relying on the partypoker platform, and giving the best possible coverage on the networks to the WPT World Online Championships.

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