There was a time when internet providers were the ones shouldering the responsibility of regulating. What happened on the network of networks. In recent years, this very important role has ended up being assumed by banks and credit cards, whose subtle and dangerous subterfuges can (while keeping quiet) severely undermine democracy.

Although It Should Be the Competent Authorities

Who regulate the internet, the financial giants are setting themselves up as all-powerful gatekeepers, particularly in the universe of online pornography.

Since last October 15, adult content websites must necessarily verify the age and identify the people who appear in the photos and videos that make their french cell phone number format way into their domains and also verify the identity of those who upload content.

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Rules Are Not the Legitimate Regulators

And those who impose such spartan rules are not the legitimate regulators but Mastercard. In view of such draconian regulations, online adult content platforms could give up using Mastercard. But the waiver would probably be unduly onerous considering. That the financial juggernaut operates nearly a third (30%) of credit card payments outside of China. And Visa, which gobbles up 60% of transactions, also has a strong position in the adult content market.

This tendency goes in any case beyond pornography. And the world of finance acts as de facto (not de jure ) regulator in the darkest corners. The network of networks and in those gray areas where the law is as unclear as it is obsolete.

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