in the literature and consequently new research. Measure Australia Business Fax List used to collect the data: Sometimes, after completing the interpretation of the results, it is found that the way you collected data inhibited your ability to perform a comprehensive analysis of the results. For example, not including Australia Business Fax List a specific question in a survey that, in hindsight, might have helped address a particular issue that emerged later in the study. Self-reported data: Self-reported data is limited by the fact that it can rarely be independently verified. In other words, I mean the case where the researcher has to find out what people think about an issue, Australia Business Fax List whether in interviews, focus groups, or in questionnaires, at face value.

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These self-reported data may contain several potential sources Australia Business Fax List of bias that you should be aware of and note as limitations. These biases can become apparent if they are inconsistent with data from other sources. These are: 1) selective memory , that is, remembering Australia Business Fax List or not remembering experiences or events that occurred at some point in the past; 2) “telescope” effect, where self-reporters recall events that occurred once as if they occurred in another time; 3) attribution , which refers to the act of attributing positive events and results to one’s own person, but attributing negative events and results to external forces; Australia Business Fax List and 4) exaggeration,

Australia Business Fax List

the act of representing results or embellishing events as more Australia Business Fax List significant than they really were (Price and Murnan, 2004). Possible limitations of the investigator Access: If the study depends on having access to people, organizations or documents and, for whatever reason, access is denied or limited in some way, the reasons for this situation must be described. Longitudinal Australia Business Fax List effects : The time available to investigate a problem and measure the change or stability over time is in most cases quite limited, for example, due to the project assignment due date, these limitations are recommended. that are expressed in the Australia Business Fax List research report or in a scientific article. Cultural limitations and

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