Google My Business define as the tool that allows you to manage information. digital presence of companies on Google Maps and Google Search. It does not have any cost and is a key and unpredictable tool for local search results in Google. The tool has enormous potential and has become one of the most important on the internet.

To get an idea of ​​the information that manage and modified through GMB, Adentity. The Google My Business agency, has designed a guide in Spanish . Among other things, you can find the information that can be managed and modified through the tool.

The Transformation of Google My Business

The information management of companies in Google Maps was done through Google Places at first. Later, for various reasons, the tool we are here to discuss was created, a new and more sophisticated platform. In this way, the tool became the Hong kong B2B list main application for managing company information.

Email Database

One of the most significant changes in the tool has been its new control panel. The technology giant Google decided to leave behind the panel with miniature cards of the tabs to make way for a more complete and intuitive panel. On the other hand, the platform also allows you to make publications of different types, visible in the search result . It is even likely that there will come a time when it is not necessary to access even the official website of a company.

Photographs and Reviews

As for the photographs and reviews, they manage directly from Google My Business with the option to “follow” the companies through Google Maps. Additionally, digital product catalogs add directly from the tool to chat with customers.

With all these data, it is not surprising that the question that goes through our heads is. How much can action like this cost me? As we have mentioned before, the cost of the tool is totally free . Even so, the recommendation of the agency dedicated to carrying out the Google My Business guide or tutorial is that it can offer positioning, reputation or file management services and charge for them.

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