In the frame for around 480 seconds. the total time of the time. Which favors the consumer to remember a brand. This is how the firm joins the brands that maintain a commercial alliance with the Guadalajara complex. Among which are Coca Cola. Corona. Banco Azteca. Totalplay. Mobil. Adidas. Powerade. Caliente . among others. According to data from Netquest. Linio was among the five most important article sales pages in the country last year with 17 percent of the market share; Above it are Amazon Mexico. Liverpool. Walmart de Mexico and Mercado Libre in first position. For the new sponsoring brand. It will be interesting to venture into the sports market that arouses the most interest in Mexican consumers. Since of the little more than 90 brands linked to the national teams that appear on the uniforms. 47 percent of them manage to be remembered.

According to Nielsen.The news that grabbed the world’s attention a couple of days ago was that Cristiano Ronaldo changed Real Madrid for Juventus. The Portuguese crack arrived in the Italian league and with him the media attention and a huge exposure for sponsorships. Any movement of CR7 is highlighted . largely for his talent and sporting achievements. But also for his marketing strategies. But its impact was demonstrated in another move: the drop in the number of Real Madrid supporters . From ESPN they report that the Iberian club had 31.9 million followers and after confirming the movement of the Portuguese. It can be seen in the official profile of the merengue club that the team now has 30.5 million users. That is. 1.4 million followers left the Real Madrid account after CR7 moved to Juventus.

Their World Cup Exposure

This was marked today with the Belarus whatsapp number list  of the image of the Portuguese star from the locker room. An image that has gone viral in recent hours. This is a sign that the whites are completely distancing themselves from Cristiano . But also from his brand power. as evidenced by the number of followers. Real Madrid would seek to recover its engagement with the recovery of James Rodríguez . Another strong brand in the sports industry . according to the Marca newspaper . The Colombian has been the cover of the popular video game FIFA due precisely to the power of his personal brand. It is worth mentioning that the drop in followers could also be for another reason: the Twitter purge effect . Twitter announced it would remove fake accounts. And The Washington Post estimated that it removes an estimated 1 million accounts a day.


His strategy shows signs of working. From Tech Crunch. Travis Bernard. director of audience development . acknowledged on his Twitter account that the purge took away 232 thousand followers. Other media such as The New York Times have lost nearly 700.000 followers on Twitter. According to publications by a specialized journalist at the media source. And social network users report that their accounts have been impacted by the measure. Sexual harassment has been the subject of various advertising campaigns in the world. in favor of making men and women aware of this. The topic reached the highest international soccer event : the 2018 Russia World Cup . As we remember that in full execution of her work a Colombian reporter was the victim of sexual assault.

To Croatia And Although

Julieth González Therán was in the city of Saransk to broadcast the reactions of the fans before the Colombia-Japan match. When in the middle of a live broadcast for the Spanish news channel of the German network Deutsche Welle. she was attack by a man. The fan approached her from her left side. Grabbed her firmly with both arms and kissed her cheek without her consent and touched one of her breasts . More than a hobby: the self-made musician Journalist Julia Guimarães from was also unable to make the connection with her outlet because a fan tried to kiss her. “It is awful. I feel helpless. vulnerable. why does the person think he has the right to do this? ”. She commented at the time. That is why FIFA detected a trend in the media that. from its perspective. Sar from helping to combat harassment. promotes it.

It is about the approaches of the cameras to pretty women who are among the public attending the meetings. As the scope of a sporting event of this magnitude is unparalleled. Since more than 3.2 billion people watched at least one minute of a match at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Russia ‘s predecessor . the Federation decide to take the initiative to ask the media that are limit to transmitting sport aspects of the World Cup. The head of Diversity at FIFA has assured that “we have spoken individually with some operators. including our own transmission services” . The goal. according to The Hollywood Reporter . is to stop systematically targeting attractive women in the stands. so that the choice of fans to focus on is much broader.

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