When we decide to access financing, we all do the same: compare Matchbanker loan carefully between some offers and others, trying to find the cheapest. However, many times misinformation or haste lead us to “higher” the financial product, choosing a long return period.

This term is, as is often said, a double-edged sword, since it will determine, on the one hand, the interest to be paid, but, on the other, the value of the installment. In summary, a high repayment term implies a lower monthly fee but higher interest, and on the contrary, a low repayment term entails a higher monthly fee but less interest.

How to Choose a Date for My Evolution Period?

What interests me more? Do I prefer to pay more money to have greater flexibility when paying the monthly installments? Or the opposite?  Some of the Estonia WhatsApp Number List questions that arise. After a long history, and as experts in comparing loans, we emphasize that there is no better alternative for all people who access financing, since the situation of each of these is different. In addition, everything will depend on your economic and financing needs.

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On the other hand, it is true that we can apply a criterion to most cases, the 35% rule. In no case should more than 35% of the income be used to pay the total debts. Therefore, in the case of a person whose income is €1,000, his monthly expense should not exceed €350. And, of course, these €350 must include not only the monthly repayment of the loan. But also the rest of the interests that the person has, such as the mortgage payment, car insurance, etc.

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