In 2021, society continues to advance in all areas of life. This also includes the automation of some tasks that seemed to always be performed by people and that are evolving to improve investments and the customer experience: the reception of the Hotels.

Next, we want to tell you about the advances and evolution of the hotel reception and how technology is encompassing these functions. We have been able to speak with one of the leaders in the hotel solutions sector, who will tell us how Omnitec technology influences this technological advance.

New Solutions for The Hotel Reception

Omnitec is a leading company in technological solutions for the hospitality sector that also works in other sectors such as health centers or available cell phone numbers Canada educational environments. Why can’t we replicate these customer service systems in our hotels?

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This is the most efficient way to treat guests well, saving costs and time. Next, we present all the advances that a hotel establishment can have thanks to Omnitec. Electronic locks are much more secure than manual ones, as there is no way to circumvent them. They consist of a lock system that activates its opening only. When it comes into contact with a magnetic card or Bluetooth system previously configured with a unique code.

Where you can enter a number or even with a virtual card that you can save on your mobile. It is the most effective way to avoid theft in the rooms. Having to put a person at the reception solely in charge of receiving. Opening the door for guests 24 hours a day.

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