The next step is to decide what information you need from a lead to determine whether or not they are qualified. It will vary depending on your company, product, and buyer persona. But there are common data that your sales team needs, such as:

  • Name
  • Contact details (phone number, email address, etc.)
  • Company name and size
  • Job title or role
  • Budget

Step 3

Now that you have collected all the needed information, start contacting them and ask questions about their needs and requirements.

But who to call first

You may use lead scoring to prioritize the most promising prospects.

Lead scoring is the process of ranking leads to determine how qualified they are as potential sales prospects.

Typically, lead scoring models are built using qualitative and quantitative criteria that reflect a lead’s engagement level with your brand and their potential fit for your products or services. Lead scoring aims to VP Purchasing Officer Email Lists help sales and marketing teams prioritize their outreach efforts to spend their time and efforts on the most qualified leads.

Lead scoring models can be as simple or complex as you need them to be, but they all start with two key components: criteria and values.

VP Purchasing Officer Email Lists

Criteria and Values

Criteria are the characteristics that you’ll use to score your leads (job title, company size, location, or industry). Values are the numeric scores you’ll assign to each criterion (for example, 1-5). Once you’ve determined your criteria and values, you can build your lead scoring model.

There are different ways to score leads, but the most common approach is to assign points for each criterion based on how likely it is to indicate a high-quality lead.

For example, if the job title is one of your criteria, you might give higher scores to leads who have titles like “VP of Marketing” or “Director of Sales” than you would to leads with titles like “Assistant Manager” or “Intern.”

Once you’ve assigned scores to all of your criteria, you can add up the total score for each lead, so you get their lead score. Those with higher point values are your most promising leads.


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