Since Grefusa is a sponsor of Ibai Llanos and his Ibailand project. The streamer has to be very careful with what he wishes on Twitter. Because it is very likely that it will come true. The personality of the moment put on his account that he wished he had a clone of himself to insult himself every day.

Said and done. Grefusa decided to give him that “taste” with a very particular interview. The impersonator Raúl Pérez , in programs like Late Motiv , got into Ibai’s skin to conduct a live interview on Twitch with the streamer himself characterized by him. It coincided with the premiere day of the first episode of his new program, Pérez File.

This Broadcast Gave Rise to Stellar Imitations

Such as that of the journalist Josep Pedrerol and the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez. These served to introduce several football comments, such as Sergio Ramos being the best footballer in Spain for Ibai. In addition, “Florentino Pérez” offered Belgium WhatsApp Number List Ibai the position of assistant coach with Carlo Ancelotti, among others.

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The coach of the national football team, Luis Enrique , also made his appearance through Raúl Pérez and “conceded” one of his already famous press conferences. Other characters who had their moment of glory during the broadcast were Ramos himself and Andrés Iniesta.

Grefusa Continues with “gustazo Granted” and Its Positioning

On Twitch and Twitter Grefusa has been responsible.  For this action, in which VIZZ , the representation agency for content creators, has collaborated. The surprise with Ibai for his millions of followers is part of Grefusa’s annual campaign ‘Gustazo granted’. This, through dynamics in social networks and active listening on Twitter , fulfills the wishes of users through the hashtag #GustazoConceded.

The main objective of this new tactic of the nut and snack company is to get closer to a younger target through the gaming environment. This includes strategic positioning on Twitch and Twitter.

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