With contextual intelligence, from Seedtag they have managed to carry out an analysis of the content while defining contextual territories based on each of the values ​​that Nissan wanted to promote. “We work hand in hand with the brand. Designing creativities adapted to each of the contextual territories where they were going to be integrated. To which is added the efficiency in the delivery of the campaign and the use of the budget after analyzing content trends. And key dates, among which those related to the environment stand out, for being the ones that helped position the vehicles as an alternative of respectful mobility.

The Strategy of This Program

The strategy of this program consisted of defining and conquering territories related to the brand to improve its positioning. From the creative agency, José Manuel Muries, Cluster Director at Nissan United – TBWA, has acknowledged that they began conversations with Seedtag to search for those digital signals that would allow them to find the audience they had previously defined: “ We jointly profiled the different variables to take into account prior to launch. The implementation was agile and simple”, he explains while reinforcing the azerbaijan cell phone providers initiative of the Seedtag team, which was fully available to carry out a launch of these characteristics in such a changing context.

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In addition, as Huertas acknowledges, Seedtag LAB places great value on the creative side , and it is for this reason that they have decided to work hand in hand with the agency, to promote and give visibility to the pieces in an innovative and impressive way. “Thanks to our contextual intelligence, we have been able to locate and capitalize on technology, environment and sustainability content, while helping the brand position its vehicles as a responsible means of transportation.”

The Success of Seedtag LAB In Figures

Every strategy is measurable and quantifiable in the digital field. So the Seedtag LAB program was not going to be less. For this reason, Pablo Martínez, Product Lead Contextual Intelligence of Seedtag. Has shared the way in which they work from the company to achieve the

results obtained with the program. “Once we know the problems of Nissan when trying to position itself as a leader in an electrification segment. We can use technology and the universe of content to identify which are those territories most related to these audiences. Expand said territories, discover relevant clusters and allow them to position themselves as leaders in said segments ”. To which he adds: “This allows technology to receive information in real-time. To optimize KPIs, while we reach good levels at the end of the campaign.”

With these words he refers to the potential of his technology to receive information in real-time and thus optimize KPIs. Seedtag LAB gives the option to work on new audiences. And profile those that already existed while adapting the message to the results obtained. “The interesting thing was that, with the history of the Qashqai. We already had a segmentation and profiled audiences. But thanks to Seedtag LAB. We have been able to find other segmentations. And territories in which to operate in value to the attributes of the Qashqai model ”, acknowledges Silva. An argument that Muriel completes with his own words: “Especially in such a changing context. They have helped us define new territories thanks to the potential of their tool, which gave us the insights that guaranteed us success during the launch ”.

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