Brands over foreign ones that crowd the market. It is important to clarify something. let’s not forget that we cannot make the mistake of focusing the entire conversation around the company. let’s not turn our website into an ode to the brand. It is very different to show ourselves in a sincere way and generate a conversation . to fall into a brand-centric whirlwind of “all about me”. Let’s not cloy our visitors. web frida.png Nicky de Saint Phalle: “The art of provocation” This self-taught French artist was characterized by questioning the formats. materials and conventions of the time to reinvent through her work what she interpreted as art. Which gives us an idea of what the website of such a controversial woman would look like.

If there is something that we are clear about in the digital world. it is that it is constantly changing and innovating. experimentation and “provocation” must be part of our day to day. Nicky de Saint Phalle on his website would dare to experiment with new formats. audios. reproductions and collaborations. An inspiration to dare to do different things. not to fall into the mistake of believing that everything has been invented. there is always the possibility of going further. of advancing even a little. Although here we will make another clarifying note: Let’s not forget who we are provoking. our target customers must be the center of all the innovations we make. creativity is not just about stunning designs and new formats.

Of Named Identities And Content

Gabriel García Márquez: “Speaking Singapore whatsapp number list magical realism” What is Gabo’s magical realism if not a way of mixing harsh reality with a beautiful story? With Frida we saw her website as a tribute to Mexican culture. at Gabriel García Márquez we learn to know the aspirational needs of consumers and mix them with our product. Finding a way. like him. to connect fiction and reality. turning them into a completely logical and coherent discourse. Gabriel García Márquez’s website would surround us with his stories. the content would be the most relevant part of it: we imagine the design as a sober complement to the general approach of the page. The texts and complements would be the unique center of your communication.

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And it is that to write on our website you. Not only need to be very clear about what you are going to say. But also how you are going to say it . Create this journey of visitors where they go from discovery and expectation. to decision and falling in love. And for you. what would be the characteristics of the web pages of some of the most memorable artists in history? One of the keys to achieving greater reach in marketing is knowing. How to connect the offline and online worlds effectively. For instance, many times the different campaigns are launch in one of the two and important opportunities. Are miss that could have perfectly complemented the strategy. using different channels.

Video Efficient Recognition

For this reason. it is essential to understand that the two types of marketing are an ideal complement. Of course not all strategies are suitable for all channels. since their objectives. The corresponding target and the effectiveness of the strategies must first be review. the media to be use. However. when these two types of marketing are combine. They feed off each other and allow a broader audience to be reached. Since the audience in each of them is different. There are several alternatives that can be taken into account to be able to connect properly online and offline. Today we will talk about 7 of them that will print actions at the point of sale:

Activations at the point of sale and impulse. With a segmented Brand activations can be carry out and at the same time. Segment advertising can be create according to the ages. Interests and location of the target market. Keep in mind that online advertising will allow you to reach the people you really need and for this. In other words, you can use a communication aimed at inviting people to visit your point of sale through an incentive. Give them a very attractive “excuse” to come to your point of sale. You can also use the guideline to invite a conversation and within the segmentation. Select people who are very close to the place where you carry out the activity.

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