Many IT companies try to offer their clients (small and micro companies) a trusted cloud to carry. Out their digital transformation or get on the cloud at once. However, when resorting to the technological giants (AWS, Azure…). They encounter some drawbacks, such as the low profit margin they take. The limited communication channels. The learning curve and technical support with high waiting times. that does not usually cover the needs of micro and small businesses.

Jotelulu Wants to End All These Problems

This startup has developed a cloud services platform that helps transform small IT companies. Into cloud providers. Allowing them to offer multiple services to their clients with their own brand and prices. All services are designed with micro and Algeria WhatsApp Number List small businesses in mind. So that they can enjoy greater productivity, mobility and security in their work environments.

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Thanks to the Jotelulu platform. IT companies can carry out all the sales, technical, administrative and legal processes for the commercialization of cloud services in a very simple and centralized way. IT companies access the platform, register their clients and hire the services they need for each one, based on a pay-per-use model.

The Jotelulu Platform Is Based on Four Fundamental Pillars :

Simplicity: Based on ease of use. That is why they automate processes. Give importance to design and usability and try to put themselves in the user’s shoes to simplify everything. White Label: All services, notifications, even the platform itself is white label. In this way, IT companies that rely on Jotelulu can offer cloud services under their own brand and maintain their relevance to the SMEs and micro-SMEs they work for.

Support and closeness. They provide help to their clients, not only at a technical level with close and immediate support. But also at a sales level (with documentation, courses, budgeting tools…). Administration (features to improve billing and management) or legal (creating contracts between the IT company and its clients in an automated way).

Special prices: They optimize all their processes and have their own infrastructure in order to make the IT companies that work with them more competitive.

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