Five minutes can be enough for a company to find the most suitable programmers for each vacancy. Nor do professionals need much more time, just over half an hour, to improve their position and change jobs. That is what the Opground platform offers, an automated virtual recruiter based on artificial intelligence to connect companies and entrepreneurs with tailored technological profiles.

This project, which is already in operation both in Spain and in Latin America, has been a finalist in the ninth edition of SpinUOC, the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) program to promote entrepreneurship, innovation and transfer, coordinated by the Hubbik platform.

How Does It Work

Thanks to Opground, companies can save up to 80% of the time they spend searching for new employees. They just need to turn to the platform every time they need to hire a programmer, and its artificial intelligence sports betting email list system will pre-select and offer them the most suitable profiles in just a few minutes.

Email Database

The programmers carry out a single interview of 33 minutes on average with Opi, their virtual assistant ( chatbot ). “It is a system similar to a WhatsApp conversation, although we want to include audio. And video soon so that professionals can choose the system they prefer or the one they feel most comfortable with. Opground’s strong point lies in its artificial intelligence. Which is responsible for extracting the information from that interview. Drawing its own conclusions and relating it to what each company is looking for ”. Explains Eduard Teixidó, founder and CEO of Opground.

High Degree of Satisfaction

Opground, for now, has focused on programmers, as well as software architects or cybersecurity specialists. «We want to exploit a sector, be strong there and later open up to others. We chose programmers because they are professionals who are not usually actively looking for work nor do they respond to proposals that reach them, for example, through LinkedIn.

They are professionals who carefully select the project before changing and we take that into account. We know that the vast majority, in addition to money, are moved by other factors, such as the team, the technology, how they work in that company, etc. », assures Teixidó.

On ground boasts about its user satisfaction. Which is almost ten out of ten for companies and nine out of ten among programmers. Many of these professionals, in fact, come recommended by others who have already tried it. And their NPS (Net Promoter Score) is 70%. Some of them even believe in the project so much that they don’t hesitate to offer to work on it.

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