The monitor age the email age and so on. When I get a photo I get the trace of an image that doesn’t really exist. If We Enlarge a Photo Zoom in Zoom in It Will. Be Lost It Will Be Lost in Pixels It Will Be Lost. In Grain It Doesn’t Exist. Now the Fact That We Use Proximate Methods of Communication I.e. Hanging It on the Wall or Putting It in a Book is. A Matter of Necessity. But Again in the Book the Photograph Exists as is as Long as It is. Well Printed While However Well Printed the Painting is It is Not the Same. Now You Asked Me Who Are My Favorite Painters and Indeed My Photographic. Perception Has Come Not Only From Photographers but From Painters. From Directors From Writers From People of Art That Have Influenced Me.

I would say that in painting

I adore Piero della Francesca I adore Goya there are many painters whom I deeply appreciate but I don’t adore them they are not my Clipping Path Service relatives great painters. Closer to us I adore Francis Bacon. Too many. There are so many fortunately that I cannot mention them. DL I would like to expand on this a bit here as well because the question seems a bit farfetched. Did the appearance of photography influence the course of painting in the th century PR Undoubtedly. DL And we have already passed naturalistic painting  there was a search for other forms because photography did it better Krya gorge than the best painter PR You said it perfectly this is true all art theorists say it and they are right. Photography relieved painting of the anxiety of representation.

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It remained a representational

Art but no longer has the anxiety of representational accuracy. An example that I say many times in my classes and it is striking is that great Singapore Lead painting has always known this. But also the people who loved her. There was an emperor Charles Quint Charles Kent Charles Quintos the fifth who became at one time emperor of all Europe. He greatly appreciated the work of the painter Tiziano Tizianos  died and he retired to a monastery and took with him a small portrait of his dead wife to remember her DL Tisianos had not seen the model PR Titian had never seen the empress. He could have taken other portraits that were more faithful to the representation. He took the one where Titian’s spirituality brought him closer to his wife.

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