Until now, digital advertising has been growing steadily around the world, finding new formats, technologies and spaces in which to move. Currently, 57% of the world’s population has access to the Internet, which makes online advertising a gold mine for advertisers, at least in terms of potential reach. In addition, in 2018 this market already reached the value of 55 billion euros in Europe; 16.8 of which already belonged to programmatic advertising.

The company derived from the UOC Open Evidence and the professor of Information. Communication Sciences Studies Francisco Lupiáñez have put on the table the peculiarities. Challenges of this sector at present. In general, the panorama reveals an increasingly oligarchic online market. In which a few companies take over the Iran B2B list strategic positions of the advertising. Value chain (Google or Facebook), reducing the possibilities of the smaller ones. On the other hand, the challenges point to the need for greater transparency. Joint work between self-regulation and national and international measures.

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Personalization of Advertising Activity

The automation system is based on the “information trail” that users leave about themselves on the sites they browse. Basically, these are what are known as “ cookies ” , and they translate into a set of demographic and behavioral data that are later sold to advertisers so that they can personalize their advertising messages and place them in the most suitable places. This system has made it possible to better adjust supply and demand.

In parallel, the giants Google and Facebook have been consolidating their dominant position. According to data from 2017, they led the sector with 33% and 16.2% of revenues worldwide, respectively. “Both companies, and to a lesser extent Amazon , benefit from a wealth of user data and extensive ad inventory on their own websites and services, which they can monetize to generate the bulk of their ad revenue. To the point that 83.9% of Facebook’s profits and 98.5% of Google’s in 2019 came through advertising services”, the researchers point out.

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