Although a sales-oriented multichannel advertising strategy is adaptable to any type of company. Or business, there are some sectors that seem to have the best results in terms of traffic, performance. And sales. Across has seen an increase in investment, with a positive return on investment, in the energy, insurance, telecommunications, home security and fintech sectors.

The nonprofit sector is also finding a new audience and new success by leveraging the content marketing format, which is highly effective at conveying important storytelling. Specifically, native advertising campaigns have registered a performance peak compared to 2019 and the trend will continue in the coming years, with this channel being one of the channels that offers the most development opportunities.

The Trend in The Spanish Market

Travel, on the other hand, is a sector that unfortunately has lagged behind, along with entertainment. However, between 2021 and 2022, online Italy WhatsApp Number List investments will also pick up along with tourist traffic: the online sentiment is to return to travel as soon as possible, which translates into a recovery in the sector.

Italy WhatsApp Number List

The trend that has been emerging the most, for more than a year. Is the digitization of markets in any sector. Small, medium and large companies are looking for partners that offer digital solutions. And that are competent, available, flexible and capable of managing multi-channel communication”.

Says Alberto Piras once again, outlining the current situation. “Across’s multi-channel strategy is design to be dynamic and always optimized. It is based on the analysis of the reference market and the target audience. Proposing to companies an effective solution that is always sales-oriented.” With Across you can learn more about generating qualified leads. And how your business can reach new levels of profit through a free consultation.

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