Technology is undoubtedly an important role in this new environment. But we must not forget that we are talking about luxury brands. Sampietro recalls that for a brand in this industry to continue to lead the market. It must not lose its DNA, its codes, its values ​​or its identity. ” The experience in the boutiques must be 100% exceptional because a happy customer is a loyal customer and that loyalty goes through increased sales,” says PM Luxe’s ​​Head of Digital.

Espected Features of The Luxury Industry

One of the most common and respected features of the luxury industry are social environments, which manage to give that brand visibility. In addition to our closest environment, which allows us to be present in that purchase decision. 2021 started Guyana B2B list with very high expectations after what was experienced in its predecessor year, and what it presents us with is a new technology that allows you to ask family and friends for advice. The example that Sampietro has used to explain this new Phygital scenario has been that of the Apple brand, for him the first to enter this field successfully.

Email Database

Main Buyers and Journalists

In fact, the example of Apple can be extend over time to luxury brands that have adapt. This trend to take it towards omnichannel strategies. This year, according to Sampietro, the trend will continue to grow since the main buyers and journalists cannot travel, so we only have the phygital scenario to reach them. « The differentiation today is the interaction of the physical event with the digital experience and the participation in social networks «, He adds.

In this sense, PM Luxe offers its clients value beyond its expertise and media knowledge. Have to be able to become a strategic partner with a single goal of maximizing sales «, She explains. In addition, Sampietro’s priority is to know both the consumer. The context in which he finds himself and to anticipate these latest trends by offering more sophisticated solutions. “In a world dominated by digital platforms, we can’t live without them. But we can’t live with them alone either,” he says.

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