Robot dogs are being heard about more and more, both because of how flashy they are and because of their usefulness. This is the case of Spot , from Boston Dynamics . In his case, we have been able to see him so far dancing, singing and even walking through cities like León. Now it has a new goal: industrial maintenance.

Plain Concepts has a new job for Spot. Who will be in charge of industrial tasks that require artificial intelligence or its management through the Microsoft HoloLens 2 . Through this agreement, it aims to become a global reference company for the development of industrial solutions on the Boston Dynamics robotic platform.

The Functions of Spot, the Robot Dog

In this way, it will make use of mixed reality or artificial intelligence , increasing the basic functionalities of the robot dog. As explained at the presentation event in Madrid, the first thing they will do is integrate it with Microsoft HoloLens 2 glasses, which how to look up cell phone numbers in Canada will improve the robot’s usability.

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Spot is useful for multiple sectors. In some countries it has been used as an assistant to police and firefighters, to carry out surveillance tasks. In others, he has been a factory safety inspector. The positions that this robot dog can have are varied. Although Plain Concepts places special focus on sectors such as construction, industry, energy or nuclear.

Another Application Would Be Radiation Level Scanning

Spot can move quickly through the field, allowing the automation of routine inspection. And data capture tasks in dangerous areas of any infrastructure, such as high-voltage installations or high-pressure steam pipelines. Another application would be radiation level scanning and mapping, as well as seismic activity monitoring.  Construction sector, the robot is capable of inspecting the progress of works, comparing construction conditions or mapping facilities.

In addition, from Plain Concepts they will develop their own 3D Holo-Robot engine. In order to give way to gestural remote control of robots to accelerate the digitization and modernization of the sector. Several users can work with it simultaneously thanks to its ability to interact, powered by the remote control tool. Such as opening doors, picking up, placing, pushing or dragging objects, pressing a button, or swiping a screen.

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