Nor should we confuse it with the Results that what they Switzerland Phone Number List do is present the data obtained, that is, present what was found in the most objective way possible without any Switzerland Phone Number List type of opinion or interpretation. For the elaboration of the discussion we used phrases such as: “The results obtained confirm .and are in the line of “We also found in our research that there are several works Switzerland Phone Number List that have previously revealed this relationship Our proposal has similarities which coincides with what was found in most studies “,” In addition, as found in our study and recommended by other Switzerland Phone Number List works ,”

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Nor can it be said that these Switzerland Phone Number List are unexpected, since that there is accumulated empirical evidence … ”Phrases like these or similar allow us to place the results found within the previous theoretical framework. knot of roads When we correctly carry out the Discussion Switzerland Phone Number List section, what we do is interpret the results obtained and their implications. We compare our results with those previous ones that we have presented in the Introduction section, in which we have established the “state of the art” of the subject on which we are investigating. Fundamentally what we do in this section is to compare the results Switzerland Phone Number List obtained in our work with the previous ones that have been produced on our subject,

Switzerland Phone Number List

this allows us to place them in the context of the research Switzerland Phone Number List background, that is, to place our data among the current ideas ab ut what was investigated (which obviously will have had to be identified when we have made the theoretical framework). When conducting the Discussion we must establish, clearly and in the event that this is so, what data contradict our results or Switzerland Phone Number List what previous research, from those presented in the theoretical framework, could be refuted. It is also necessary to indicate if our results are in line with those previously found and if they complement or update some of these investigations. Switzerland Phone Number List And, of course, if it happens, what are the news that

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