In such a way that a self-quote (within the magazine itself) does not Latvia Phone Number List have the same value as a quote in a magazine without impact as a quote in a magazine of the most cited in Latvia Phone Number List the world. In practice, this differentiation is achieved with the creation of disciplinary relationship networks through links, journals with more links obtain more value and that value is measured towards the citations Latvia Phone Number List it issues since it identifies whether a journal has more weight in the network or less. In short, it is a network indicator that draws a map of relationships between disciplines that adds significant information, Latvia Phone Number List complementing the IF of the journal. Screenshot .png What are

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Altmetrics? They are metrics to measure scientific activity whose Latvia Phone Number List origin is the registration of information on digital platforms. Therefore, the first were born with the internet (number of visits and downloads) and developed especially with the appearance of social and academic Latvia Phone Number List platforms in the context of Web 2.0. What are the main metrics currently used? Alternative metrics are increasing as web services appear that register and disseminate scientific works. In a recent article, Daniel Torres-Salinas, Álvaro Latvia Phone Number List and Jiménez (2013) proposed a classification of the main Latvia Phone Number List indicators: image4721.png We see how altmetrics are nothing but an

Latvia Phone Number List

advantage of the information record left by scientific articles Latvia Phone Number List on different web platforms. What should we take into account when interpreting any of the multiple alternative metrics? Latvia Phone Number List must be studied according to several aspects: Meaning. What does the indicator mean? What Latvia Phone Number List does it mean for an article to be retweeted or shared by Facebook? A basic problem is that people believe that Latvia Phone Number List replace the divinized Impact Factor, but the reality is that the vast majority are not impact indicators, they do provide information, but on other dimensions. Diffusion. Latvia Phone Number List Most of the

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