The corporate image change of the Facebook parent company, which has been renamed Meta, is on everyone’s lips. That move has been thwarted by the leak of internal documents by whistleblower Frances Haugen, which sought to show that the company puts profits before user safety.

Chris Cox, product manager of the company, has answered all the questions and has defended the position of the platform during his intervention in Web Summit 2021. The expert assured that he embraced the “difficult conversations and questions” around the future of the social media giant, while also offering his vision of the metaverse to a skeptical public.

Chris Cox Defends the Facebook Metaverse

In his appearance, held by videoconference from California, Cox said it had been a tough period for the company. “But there is no more important set of questions that we need to answer right now. It’s good for us and it’s thailand free phone number good for society. We are not perfect. This is not going to be easy, and it shouldn’t be. We have to go beyond the set phrases and get into the science », he declared.

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Next, he reflected on hate speech and digital violence. “That is why we ask that compliance with content standards be specifically regulated. It would be good if it were established and canonized by law », he declared. Chris Cox made it clear that he remains confident in the future of the metaverse, a world based on virtual reality and in the purest science fiction style in which people can interact in 3D on the screen. Some of the criticism that has arisen has to do with the ability to reproduce the participants since people point out that they look like cartoons.

Cox Compared the Evolution of Technology

Thus, he gave the example of the bricks of the 90s, which ended up becoming Blackberries until reaching the current iPhone. “There are always attempts that come too soon. At the beginning it is a bit uncomfortable and not everything is fine, but there is a progression », he commented.

“On the graphics side, we have guys from Industrial Light. And Magic working on the next generation of this material,” he said. Later, he stated that people were tired of video conferences.

“We are not made to function without knowing who is looking at whom. We constantly interrupt each other, it’s not good for groups. Videoconferencing is not where we will be in 30 years. The question is what will be the bridge from here to there », he assured. He then confirmed that he hosts meetings for his team using the metaverse.

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