Sound content, and especially the podcast , are experiencing a golden age. For this reason, they could not miss the c of c 2021 , an event that has reserved one of the presentations of its last day to deal with this topic.

It also does so with two experts in this field such as Eduardo Alonso , Head of studios at Spotify for southern and eastern Europe, and Marta Salicrú , director of Radio Primavera Sound . Both companies have been collaborators since the summer of 2019. “In 2020, about 9,000 podcasts emerged, with a growth of 280% compared to the previous year . In Spain, the data for 2020 shows that 50% of Internet users have already listened to podcasts,” Salicrú said at the beginning of the talk.

Why Is Podcasting Succeeding Right Now?

However, this leads us to ask ourselves the following question: Why has he awakened in recent years? The podcast format emerged in 2004 and Bahamas WhatsApp Number List seems that during these decades it has been dormant. Alonso emphasizes that it cannot be attributed to a single factor, but that it can be explained in various ways.

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On the one hand, we have connectivity and the development of technology , but also the lowering of barriers to entry. Anyone with a good idea and a microphone can start connecting with her audience. The pandemic has also had its impact , since more time at home has increased our searches for new entertainment content.

They Want to Be Told a Story

They seek to learn something new. Hence the success of popular podcasts.
They like to feel accompanied and entertain themselves while doing other tasks. An advantage similar to traditional radio, but with the difference that now they can choose when, where and what.

The challenges of the podcast in Spain
“The challenge we have in Spain is to convince brands of this great possibility of engagement. That is established between the listener and the presenter. Said the Radio Primavera Sound professional. “80% of listeners who hear podcast ads in the US tend to respond. By either buying or following the brand on social media,” she states.

Next, they have focused on the responsibility that the platforms themselves have regarding the fact that the video advertising market moves up to seven times more than audio. In this sense, they have demanded a standardization of the metrics. That is, that listening to the episodes of the different platforms can be measured in the same way.

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