For companies that are not experts or whose business model lacks substance in this regard. Programmatic, SEO and everything to do with data can be overwhelming. Trying to understand it, in most cases, takes us more time than. We have and delays us , in other equally important functions, to carry out the tasks that are demanded of us.

For this reason, tools such as SEObot Monitor were born from the hand of Buenamanera. With the aim of responding to these needs of the sector. On this occasion, it is a free plugin for WordPress that comes to light after Buenamanera’s obligation to monitor the server logs for a project, in 2018.

Until the company found the problem, it had wasted a lot of time. They had to check the internal server and realized that, if it were for a larger company than the one that had the complication at the time, the problem would be much more complex than it was for them.

What Is the SEO bot Monitor Plugin For?

In these cases, companies always depend on a third party to whom the data file is demanded, normally these departments are loaded with Ukraine WhatsApp Number List demands and your case does not have to be a priority for them. Hence, they looked for a more efficient and attractive solution for SEO teams: create a WordPress plugin.

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The plugin they have created is used to dump the server logs in your Google Analytics . In addition, it offers daily monitoring of Googlebot or Bingbot without technical requirements or requests to the IT department. The result was possible after the deep investigation of the company in PHP and the knowledge and work of Santiago Alonso, also an expert in RGPD. Finally, in 2018 they began to develop and test the plugin internally until now, which has made it known so that the SEO family can use it and take advantage of it.

How to Activate SEObot Monitor?

Buenamanera has made a tutorial to activate this plugin on each of the websites of interested companies. To configure it, the first thing we must do is create a new property in the Google Analytics account. They assure us that this step is a precaution, so as not to mix some data with others.

Once we have solved this step, we will only have to copy and paste the identifier. Of the new property in the plugin option, as in the image: Google Analytics UA tracking code.

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