Adrián is a blocked writer who can’t turn the page and get over the fact that his ex has left him. In fact, he can’t help but follow his movements through social media. What at first seems like a love drama, ends up leading him to discover the global espionage to which all users of technology are subjected. That is the main plot of “Privacy” , a play promoted by Lenovo that does not leave the spectators who come to the Marquina Theater indifferent .

The Show, Starring Adrián Lastra

Seeks to make the public reflect on the lack of privacy in today’s world, given the enormous amount of data that governments, corporations and companies have. Originally conceived by James Graham and Josie Rourke , the play is based on dozens of new zealand phone number format example interviews the authors conducted with real people. Academics, historians, legislators or CEOs of various companies were some of those surveyed to find out the true reality.

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It is not that users are unaware of the surveillance and use of personal information. In theory they are aware that there are very few details that companies do not know about them and that, if they do not already have them, they have no difficulty in getting hold of them. However, they are not fully aware in practice. With a critical and experimental tone, “Privacy” is capable of stirring consciences , by showing us how serious the matter is.

“privacy” Invites the Public to Use the Mobile During the Function

Thus, it is one of the few -if not the only- works that invite the audience. To stay with their mobile on and use it during the show. Throughout the performance, the protagonists interact with those present. Asking them to carry out different live checks with their smartphones. So that they can see for themselves that what they are saying is true.

This immersion is one of the keys to the work sponsored by Lenovo that we could enjoy from MarketingDirecto. The Marquina Theater is transformed into an enveloping. Space with staging with very careful audiovisuals that manage to wrap the public.

The script hunts for a connection with the public so that it feels identified. In the end, he ends up being unsettling in how much he ascribes to the real situation. The digitization of society, the power of technology. And the fear of government cyber-espionage are brought to the fore in an astonishing way in this 110-minute story.

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