Sampietro assures that the consequences of the pandemic have meant a before. After since both the digital and physical worlds have been introduced into consumer habits with exponential growth. In the use of mobile phones and the offer in e-commerce. But the essence remains the same and the purpose continues to focus on obtaining the highest number of sales for the business.

“ Success will come from those brands that in this integration between both worlds do not lose sight of Customer-Centric ”, says Sampietro while providing the data that 72% of Internet users make their purchases digitally. Will this be the end of physical commerce? Sampietro doubts this and shares that it will continue to be a medium of great importance, although its function will behave in a complementary way to sales: “The physical medium is not going to die because it is where the magic arises and the consumer falls in love.”

Consumer Interacts Through a Mobile Device

The important thing, in this case, is to be aware that this user or consumer interacts through a mobile device and has the information at a simple click. Information that we handle and that is out of our control. It is thus a tangible reality in the Falkland islands B2B list digital world and that especially attracts a new target of young people who demand immediate, interactive, immersive and customizable experiences.

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Therefore, in Sampietro’s opinion, the conversation of luxury brands with the user will be more successful in both worlds. That they manage to match or bring that experience from the physical world closer to the digital one. The question should thus focus on how to identify the presence of each person in both worlds, but its answer is not so simple.

Sampietro Comments that The Possible Solutions

That may exist today will be obsolete next week. And this is given by a constant evolution of digitization in all tools. As well as the incessant contribution of data exploitation. The most noteworthy is the one that has to do with that unique identifier. That will allow users to be identified online and offline thanks to the use of applications in which. Through a check-in or technologies such as contactless. We will be able to identify the user from the physical to the digital point of sale”, explains Sampietro.

Without a doubt, Sampietro has in mind a number of solutions with which to guarantee that phygital experience that is differentiating. Another one is the evolution of the barcode. Known as RFID, which helps provide information from its manufacture to the sale of the product itself. Although in advanced markets there are other styles of applications. Such as smart testers that achieve that differentiation that is so much in demand in today’s market. Whose success lies in two-way communication between brand and consumer.

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