Eye for detail, with a view on the big picture By default, I use that a company may use my photos for an indefinite period of time within the Benelux. That is sufficient for 90% of my assignments. If you have growth ambitions in the US, you can purchase a worldwide license. For example, the maker, the author, determines with which license he sells his work. The challenging (and fun!) of corporate photography is that it’s more than just taking pretty pictures. Each image must be spot on in itself, but it is also important that all images together give a good impression of the company. Ultimately, of course, you want to have the perfect photo for every occasion.

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It is therefore important that the photographer is able to spot the most beautiful scenes flawlessly, but also effortlessly maintains an overview. In other words: a skilled corporate photographer zooms in and out. attention to detail 7. The corporate Colombia Phone Number respects you, your time and your company Ultimately, this is the basis of any collaboration. From every human contact even! But you can’t expect anything less from the person who will help you tell the story of your company. For example, a sincere photographer will never sell the photos taken in your company, for example to a stock photo agency. Artificial intelligence is being used for more and more applications.

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Chatbots, assistants like Siri, and recommendation programs are a few examples. More AI solutions are also coming onto the market for content writing. And that has consequences for you as an SEO professional, copywriter or content specialist. Will we still need copywriters in the future or can we outsource more to AI? To get a feel for an AI tool, I tested Frase.io . There are even more AI tools on the market like Jarvis.ai, Ouranking.io and Copy.ai. Since I regularly work with copywriters and I noticed that Frase.io also has functionalities to quickly create complete briefings for copywriters, I chose this tool. Let’s look at what is currently possible per phase. SEO research phase: human work versus

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