When you start working with content for your SEO, you need to do your research first. Which keyword am I going to focus on, what is the intention behind the keyword and am I already being found for the keyword? You can use excellent tools such as SemRush, SERanking and Ahrefs for this. That’s your starting point. But what you also want to know is which competitors score on the keyword you want to focus on. And with what kind of content that is.

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How many words do they use on their topic page and what do they write about? How much and what quality content do they post? In practice, this means that for 1 keyword you have to read about 10 to 20 other websites to find out. And that takes time. For example, if Costa Rica Phone Number focus on 10 keywords, you need to look at at least 50 different websites. phrase.io With a tool like Frase.io you can complete the above process much faster and you can collect this input fairly quickly for your SEO text. This works in all languages ​​and countries, which can also be combined.

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Screenshot from Frase.io: Example of website output on the keyword: “Writing content by AI” Screenshot from Frase.io: Example of website output on the keyword: ‘Writing content by AI’. Frase.io uses AI to do a SERP analysis of your focus keyword. When you add your focus keyword to the tool, Frase.io will scrape the websites that come up . This analyzes the HTML of all websites on the SERP. As output you get all headlines and text per website. The tool further looks at:

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