When we talk about SEM , SEA, Paid Media, Paid Traffic, PPC … we are faced with the different meanings used to refer, within the professional digital marketing sector, to what we commonly call “Internet advertising”.

Although all this string of nomenclatures can be further simplified if we focus the detail exclusively on search engine advertising. In this sense, we will almost always hear SEM to refer to this discipline, but the truth is that, by its own definition (Search Engine Marketing), we really must include in this equation the other fundamental pillar of search engine positioning, SEO strategies.

When dealing with aspects related to SEO and SEM , we only think of Search, when the reality is that we must take into account: Organic updates. Google Ads updates. Structured data markup (FAQ, product, etc.). Shopping, Hotel, Search, Galley, Universal App and Local Ads. ASO, WPO, traceability… Social Ads. Notoriety and SEO off-page.

What Does All This Imply?

We need cohesion, solid teamwork. And, as the motto says, “unity is strength”, throughout this article we are going to explore. The importance of how good cohesion and methodology between SEO and SEM strategies yield superior results in projects.

First of all, let’s put the battles aside
Staying “faithful” to a single discipline Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List and its individual results, without seeing beyond the global project, harms us as professionals, and the project for its profitability (ROI) in the first instance.

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Synergies with Search The importance of SEO and the brand , working on its digital presence, provides us with a series of benefits and synergies that help both our SEO strategy and our paid campaigns. What does this mean? By having active Brand campaigns in Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) we will achieve:

Brand protection , sometimes very necessary as we see in the following image. Higher level of saturation, that is, more presence and visibility of the brand in the SERPs. Increased profitability by improving our Google Ads QualityScore, as long as campaigns are executed correctly. Obtain more complete information on our competitors thanks to crossing SEO and campaign data.

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