In their day, OTTs were a revolution in the way of consuming video, but now they have become our daily bread. At the end of October, HBO renewed its image and its platform, which has automatically been renamed HBO Max. This change has not left anyone indifferent, and we have proof of this in the 197.8% increase in its penetration among mobile users compared to its predecessor.

What Is the Profile of Users of OTT Video Platforms?

This means that the number of users of the platform in Spain has tripled, with a percentage of 4.9%. It is placed, in this way, as the third platform in percentage of active users in Spain. In turn, this data implies that it has taken the position from california business mailing list Disney + , which with 4.3% has increased its penetration by 12.4%.

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In second place, we find Prime Video and its 8.7%, having grown by 3.9%. These are some of the data from the analysis carried out by Smartme Analytics. To verify the impact that the arrival of HBO Max has had on the OTT market in Spain. For this research, the 41.2% of OTT users that exist so far in 2021 and the 29.7% registered since the launch of the platform until November 16 have been taken into account.

Regarding the User Profile

However, it continues to stand out, especially for the group of people between 35 and 45, who experienced an increase of 209%. In addition, it has established itself among those over 45, with an increase in the share of 270%.

In general, during 2021, 41.2% of mobile users have used some type of video OTT platform. They are, above all, a young population, since 64.1% of active users are under 35 years of age. Specifically, 34% are concentrated in the age group between 18 and 24 years.

When analyzing each platform separately, several differences are observed in this regard. Netflix and Disney+ lead among the youngest profiles. The age group between 18 and 24 years is the only one in which the latter manages to maintain. Its third position in terms of market penetration compared to the renewal of HBO. On the contrary, Prime Video and HBO Max convince the most mature profiles, both competing for a very similar audience.

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