It may seem that the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic are giving their last blows, but the truth is that there are still certain macroeconomic events that are seriously affecting many sectors. One of the most talked about in recent days is the shortage of raw materials such as metal, plastic or paper , due to the sudden revival of economic activity after the months of quarantine and the consequent growth in demand.

Precisely, paper is one of the raw materials whose shortage is causing the most problems due to the number of sectors it affects, since it is an essential component for many businesses. But the rise in the price of paper (which in some production plants has exceeded 30% during the last six months) is being harmful especially for the advertising and manufacturing company email lists marketing sector , which depends heavily on this component used in brochures and advertising banners to foot of street.

Email Database

The First Idea that Would Come to Mind

Is to interrupt the production of print advertising to pour all the content into a digital format. But that path, perhaps, is not the best. We must take into account a certain sector of the population that is not so accustomed to new technologies. And prefers the traditional advertising format. In other words, the most recommended thing is to develop relational marketing promotions and campaigns that take the customer into account and adapt to their way of buying.

For This Specific Situation

The most appropriate solution is to bet on omnichannel. That is, combine both physical and digital media to reach a hybrid audience from different media and at different times. With the achievement of a good hybrid marketing campaign. The brand must be able to reach each type of audience at the optimal moment. Eliminating the border between offline and online.

The first step to achieve this is to establish a good database of the customers. You want to reach since with this information. We will know which consumers we should target and which is the most appropriate perspective. In this sense, marketing tools are especially interesting for collecting data on age. Proximity to points of sale and proximity to advertising spaces.

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