Is to neglect the current ones and forget to carry out actions that allow them to retain them and increase their value over time. Considering that the ultimate goal of any company is not to get the customer to buy just once. but to do so several times and refer other people. it is necessary to carry out different initiatives aimed at achieving this goal. In this sense. working from the beginning on building trust and worrying about providing a very good experience to people before and after they have become customers is essential. In the end. It will be of little use to make a great effort to attract them if they let go or if. Because of not giving them the importance and value they deserve.

Some cases. today’s great entrepreneurs started their business with a low budget to. Create what are now companies with a global presence. But in all cases they needed the ability to innovate and transform ideas into action. with effort. dedication. discipline. and perseverance. Next. you will learn 5 tips from great Latin American entrepreneurs who achieved success.  Success is not a product of luck . If you want to be a great entrepreneur. remember that turning mistakes into successes. doing everything. having a vision.

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Creating something that generates a Uruguay whatsapp number list and surrounding yourself with good people. are 5 tips that you must take into account to grow your business. As a complement. it is very useful to have good books that trace your path of entrepreneurship. The website is your window to the digital world. For the same reason. it is not enough to have your business online . it is essential to have an active presence . Many people are content to open their social networks. create a website and sit back and wait. However. if you own one of Post’s websites. you’re in luck! Today we are going to present 10 ways in which you can get the most out of your investment.

Uruguay whatsapp number list

Have you heard about SEO? One of the most talked about topics lately is the need to have an excellent search engine strategy so that users can find us naturally. All Publish pages are delivered with a default. SEO-validated layout. So you can rest assured that this strategic requirement of the online world is covered in a basic way. We not only deliver the page with SEO. but tools so that you have the possibility to continue managing your positioning strategy in the future. 2. It is not only a website. it will have guaranteed visits On many occasions we launch our website with great expectations… and nothing happens.

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We do not receive visits and nobody sees our promise of value. our offers. our portfolio. It just doesn’t reach people. Publicar’s websites have a minimum of guaranteed visits. since we promote your information in our specialized search portals. without any extra cost. You will have visibility in the commercial portal with the most searches in Colombia. which will ensure greater visibility and. therefore. more visitors interested in your product or service.Although the responsive (or adaptive) design boom passed a couple of years ago. many companies continue to turn a deaf ear to the need for websites to adapt to all mobile devices . For this reason. we still find designs and structures that are out of place and do not fit the screens of our cell phones or tablets.

Big mistake! Publish websites have a 100% responsive design . All templates of our solutions adapt to any device. So you can ensure a good experience for your visitors and potential customers.  Subscription to 12 installments Imagine having a website tailored to your needs and paying for it. As if it were a monthly subscription for any other service that you generally use: Internet. electricity. gas. water and your website. Few places offer financing facilities. but this is a benefit designed exclusively for our clients: SMEs. We are aware that you do not always have the budget at hand to make an investment of this type. So this is no longer an excuse.

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