Is clear: get our project to appear in the press, talk about it in articles and end up advertising our brand in one way or another. Depending on what we want to make known to the media with our press release, we will talk about one type of document or another. It is important to differentiate them to know how we should present each of them. Can we talk about: Product press release: It is the most recurrent and the one that is most used when we are a brand that wants to promote a new product or service and present it to the media. Press release for an event:

It is used for presentations, conferences, fairs, markets, pop-ups, celebrations, award ceremonies, etc. Related to our brand and that we want to be promoted so that new clients attend, for example. Press release of a service: When there is Estonia whatsapp number list a lot of competition in our sector, being the first to launch ourselves into the media in a specific service (experts in software, for example), will open many doors for us to position ourselves as a benchmark before the audience . Press release of an organization. With it we will announce the launch of a new project carried out by our company.

In the Same Way, Whatever Type

of note it is, all of them are informative and serve to establish a first contact with the media so that they can assess and publish it. The press releases, once written, are sent directly to the media, where they will assess characteristics such as: the newsworthiness of our information, how attractive it can be for the public, how to relate it to an interview or news, etc. Therefore, it is important that in addition to being attractive and innovative, our press releases must have a good structure. Structure of a press release Header: First of all, when we write a press release that we are going to share with the media.

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it is important to classify it as such. In this way, the first thing that those in charge of receiving it will see is that it is a press release and they will not consider it as a simple advertising document that they will not pay attention to. For this reason, the first thing that we must include in the right header of our document are the words: “press release” accompanied by our brand logo. Headline: Once we have added the press release badge in our header, we must place the headline of our information. The headline should be a short and direct sentence that summarizes the most news of our press release.

It Is That It Does Not

10-12 words and that we include in it some of our “keywords” related to SEO positioning. It is important that the headline is in letters slightly larger than. The rest of the text or even in bold, but never in capital letters or in italics. Highlights: They are not mandatory in the structure of our press release. In fact, many brands and companies do not use them when writing theirs, but if we know how to use them , they can be very useful . They are between the headline and the rest of the text. And are usually two or three sentences that highlight the main ideas of.  The information and encourage the reader to continue reading. Lead:

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