América Vallejo, Digital Marketing Manager of Bioderma. Has been the first to express her opinion on this new paradigm of consumption. In the company, we care about generating valuable content, betting on quality and excellence in everything we do. For this reason, she has pointed out the importance of being selective when making any proposal. The brand does not have to be everywhere, but where the consumer is. It is necessary to do an analysis and research work that reveals how to connect with your target and achieve engagement she affirmed Vallejo.

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Marketing & eCommerce Director of Sephora also spoke: «The possibilities that are opening up now are wonderful. At Sephora, we are lucky Saudi arabia B2B list because beauty and fashion are the contents that generate the most interest. In these last three years we have created content and co-created stories that have allowed us to generate pills that we have distributed in our digital ecosystem.

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For his part, Miguel Zulategui, Marketing Director of Pepephone, has pointed out the shift in platforms and formats. With a consumer who leaves conventional television in the background. The digital environment opens a door for us that we could not otherwise have “, he acknowledged. While pointing out the need for segmentation in this ecosystem.

The Current Television Scene Is Immersed in A Transformation

But it is not the only thing to keep in mind. “And what we see is that audiovisual consumption habits are changing at such a fast pace that brands and advertisers cannot ignore the advertising implications that come with the advancement of formats such as Connected TV, for example,” she adds. For their part, Bioderma commented that “it is a reality that is here to stay.”

Collecting these points of view, Lucía González has underlined the need to be pioneers. In this new environment, offering segmented content to a specific audience. ” The objective is clear, to achieve a brand impact that is notorious, with content that we can use in different formats and that contributes to boosting the business “, adds the representative of Labelium Play.

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