Spotify, the largest streaming audio company in the world, presents the new ‘Spotify Charts ‘, some tables that allow knowing the rankings of the most popular songs of 200 cities in the world. Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Madrid, Malaga, Seville or Valencia are some of the cities that already have their list of successes. The purpose is to show the distinctive and unique taste of the listeners of each place.

In these ‘Spotify Charts’ you can find out, among other things, the popularity of each song compared to its popularity around the world. It will also be possible to consult the most listened to songs by musical genre, the most popular artists, as well as a large amount of segmented data and tools that will be very useful for both artists and users.

What You Will Find in The ‘Spotify Charts’:

All this information is available from this November 11 on Spotify for Artists , in the case of artists and creators, and through the website. For users.City lists and ‘Local Pulse’ lists. City-segmented charts show which music is most popular with listeners in around 200 cities. On the other hand, the ‘Local Pulse’ charts go a step further, analyzing how to get a phone number in france popularity of each song among listeners in each city compared to its popularity in the rest of the world.

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Lists by music genre. Each week, Spotify’s charts analyze the top 200 songs across 17 genres. Ranking songs based on user playlist context and publisher analysis. These lists by music genre help music fans stay on top of what’s new.

They Reflect the Most Popular Artists of The Moment

Artist lists. They reflect the most popular artists of the moment based on the reproductions of their entire catalog on Spotify. These charts are updated every Friday with the top 200 global artists. Allowing fans to watch the rise of their favorite artists and groups. Songwriter credits and chart data. Along with the new top charts, artists and users will now be able to see songs’ chart entry dates, peak positions, and song performance from an expanded view.

They will thus have a vision of the evolution of each musical theme. Likewise, Spotify has included the credits of the composers and producers of each song. Success celebration cards. The new ‘Spotify Charts’ are not only about finding out. For this reason, the platform has created new cards that can be shared by both artists. And fans and in which any position of the artist or song in the lists will appear.

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