There are players who are extremely important for brands on social networks. World stars of the stature of Cristiano Ronaldo. Lionel Messi or Neymar Jr have more followers than international artists. This thesis shows that soccer moves masses and. Together with that. marketing actions. However. for the players who are in the World Cup. There is also a very important challenge. Outside of winning the competition. they have to stay away and focus their maximum effort on obtaining the world title. That concentration means being separated from the outside world. Outside the comfort zone in which they live within their day to day in the internal clubs. Rio Ferdinand describes England’s World Cup camp this way: You have to get busy.”

Brands move around what the audience and the public ask for. That is why television coverage and social networks become more important. Since they want to know what the selected ones do within the World Cup. Influence of social networks in Russia 2018 According to the BBC. Some former World Cup elements in England believe that they could seriously affect the squads. The distraction. for many are the momentary hobbies. But in a hyperconnected world we live in today. The use of social networks becomes more controversial. Currently. players can benchmark their participation in the competition in different media. even on the users themselves. Simply by doing a search for their game on social networks.

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That means they may see some Bosnia and herzegovina whatsapp number list  comments about themselves. Those negative comments could start to run wild in your head during downtime. Given time to think about it. it can have an effect on performance during training and matches as a player. Frank Lampard says you can “receive criticism online very easily” as an England player. His advice would be to remember that “many conversations have nothing to do with how to prepare for games and how to act.” England’s top scoring player. Alex Scott. says she was able to use negative comments to her advantage. The key is to use ‘negative feedback as fuel’. Taking it. going out on the field thinking. ‘OK. I’m going to prove them wrong. The French National Team was placed as the first finalist of the FIFA World Cup.


Russia 2018. So the French team is installed in its third title match in the last 20 years; in fact. In the last six fairs it is the group that has reached this instance the most times. below are Brazil and Germany with two. The team led by Didier Deschamps (champion in 1998) integrated a young squad in which he based his hopes of victory on players who. although they are accustomed to the high level. do not have the credentials to be winners as such. In such a way that Kylian Mbappé. Antoine Griezmann and Paul Pogba have turned out to be the main names. Which also. due to their young age. can transform the soccer market; especially as the trends have been given.

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Although the trophy is yet to be won. The French team has managed to position itself as a bet for the future since the new Golden Ball could be among its ranks. This would be consolidated with a victory next Sunday against the winner of the series between England and Croatia. To reach match seven of the tournament. The French team eliminated Argentina in the round of 16. Uruguay in the quarterfinals and Belgium in the semifinals. In addition to the French triumph. The brands that benefited from this success are the teams in which the players play. such as Real Madrid. Barcelona. Atlético de Madrid. Manchester United. among others; in this instance there could have been a Mexican team. Tigres. who has the services of Gignac who at times was part of the French team during the World Cup cycle.

That is why the brands around the European team will also benefit from having a presence in the most watched game on the planet and everything that will happen during the final. As was anticipated last week. Real Madrid made the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo official from their ranks. meaning that from the following season the Portuguese striker will join Juventus in Turin. Cristiano’s departure will be a sensitive loss for the white club. Not only because he is their top scorer with 451 goals in 438 games. More than one goal per game (almost no one in the world). Or because he has won 4 Champions League ( comes from a three-time championship). But because it is its main marketing asset in terms of players; advertising. activations. Advertising and public relations events and. above all. the sale of millions of jerseys.

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