The values ​​that accompany IFEMA MADRID are reflected in its new corporate identity , which likewise recognizes the legacy that the brand has built in recent decades.

The Brandfor agency has been in charge of giving life to its new image, betting on capturing with a concept and design the continuous movement, the dynamism of companies and people and innovation , which is part of and is a symbol of Madrid, with a strong international focus. of the cultural avant-garde, of business and trends, and that identifies in inspiration the power of transformation and strength that IFEMA brings to its communities.

All This Accompanied by The Claim

In addition, Feel the inspiration with which the brand transmits a proactive, positive and driving attitude of knowledge, creativity and talent, underlining the contribution that «Living the experience» means. «IFEMA’s magic lies in its ability to connect Colombia B2B list ideas and people. To generate innovation and development ecosystems. Of its ability to harmonize the intelligence, ingenuity and creativity of so many companies, people and sectors that share talent and knowledge.

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For instance, A magic that we have undoubtedly embodied in the new Ifema Madrid. Brand to make visible our ability to continue inspiring companies and continue to be a source of transformation. Explains Eduardo López-Puertas, general director of IFEMA MADRID. The objective of the new brand is to continue adding value to Madrid in terms of image, prestige. Economic repercussion and revitalization of sectors.

An Image Campaign Developed by Publicis

Moreover, The fair operator has launched its new image through a campaign signed by Publicis. That gives voice to its new positioning and visual identity. Since winning the public tender, the agency has been the communication partner. Responsible for this 360º campaign that sees the light on television. Outdoors and digitally with a focus on the B2B and B2C public.

In conclusion, Communication is structured under three creative developments that respond to the different needs. Of the brand and the creative concept focuses on the DNA that defines. Inspiration as the primary source for generating ideas and transformation in each of its different public. All this verbalized in «Call it Inspiration. Call it IFEMA Madrid» , representing the four values ​​of the brand: Vitality, Connection, Ingenuity and Impact.

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