The advertising opportunities are greater every day, but many of them we do not know how to develop. There are many spaces that we can address with the content of our brands and effective solutions when it comes to talking about results. In fact, many companies are dedicated to advice so that those with fewer resources are not left out of the market that advertising entails.

From MarketingDirecto we wanted to talk to two experts so they could tell us about their experience with their advertisers and the business growth opportunities they offer them. Paula Menéndez Abascal, Client Services Director of Zenith , has been one of the interviewees, who has shared the experience of Zenith, from an internal point of view and without forgetting the impact caused by the pandemic in our sector and the lessons learned.

How Has Zenith Been Transformed to Expand Solutions in Its Structure?

At Zenith, we live a constant and permanent transformation to always be ahead of the communication needs of brands. From digitization, years ago, to the explosion of e-commerce or data. The base is a restless culture, rigorous UK B2B list and open to change. In addition, we have the full strength of the Publicis Group and large teams of specialists who help us complete excellence in all areas.

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How has Zenith adapted to the new business lines of its advertisers?

The key is in the creation of multidisciplinary teams, working together. With a liquid structure, so that profiles or specialties incorporat and others transform. Always looking for efficiencies. We have teams of strategy, creativity, operations. And platform experts all working in coordination. In this way, the business vision of advertisers is combine with specialization in technology and data.

It is very enriching to see how profiles complement each other and how, together, they achieve a global vision of the needs of brands. From common insights and 360º strategies to coordinated activation looking for synergies and halo effects between platforms. All measured by our obsession with data and ROI.

How Has the Current Situation Affected the Consumer?

We have experienced a substantial change in consumption in a very short time. And we have to adapt to stay ahead. Rethink the approach of brands to their public, with a different closeness, less physical and more digital. With direct messages and an explosion of online sales like we never expected, in just one year.

Combine the potential of the different digital platforms, maximize the return on sales and always ensure a single coordinated strategy. For this, solutions such as Amazon One, our Publicis Groupe specialist team. Which together with the Zenith team, allow specialization but within a structure with a common goal, are essential.

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