36.3 million is the number of unique visitors to the network in the month of November 2021. This represents a growth of 5% more than in the same period last year. With 1,689,000 more people consuming the Internet. In total, users spend an average of 129 minutes a day on this activity.

Spends the Most Time Browsing the Internet

By age, the group between 25 and 34 years is the one that spends the most time browsing the internet , over three hours a day on average. After this we find the french mobile telephone numbers constituted by users from 35 to 44 years old, with two hours and 57 minutes. Very close, with two hours and 55 minutes, we have the one understood by people from 15 to 24.

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Highest Number of Unique Visitors

On the contrary, those who spend the least time on this activity. Apart from those under 4 to 14 years of age, are those over 55 years of age, with one hour and 42 minutes. These are some of the data from the internet consumption report for November published by Barlovento Comunicación. Thanks to it, we have also been able to discover the properties and web domains with the highest number of unique visitors, among other aspects.

The domains and web properties that have had the most unique visitors in November
The ranking of domains by visitors is led by YouTube .com , with 34.334 million unique users. Completing the top 5 are Android.com with its 27.232 million unique visitors and Instagram.com with its 24.924 million.

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