Brand Finance has published the ranking of the 50 most valuable beer brands in the world. This indicates that, while in general these have lost 13.3 million euros with the pandemic, the three Spanish that appear in the ranking have increased their brand value. This is the case of Estrella Damm, Mahou and San Miguel .

The total value of the 50 most valuable beer brands in the world has decreased by 16,126 million euros in 2021. In this way, it has gone from 84,400 million in 2020 to 68,300 million. Most of them have been battling the effects of social distancing measures.

Brands that Had a Solid Reputation

Good levels of familiarity among consumers are the best prepared to weather the storm of the Covid-19 pandemic,” says Teresa de Lemus, managing director of Brand Finance Spain. With a brand value of 4.9 billion euros, the Mexican Corona remains in first place. In the second we have Heineken, in the third Budweiser, in the fourth the Netherlands WhatsApp Number List Victoria and in the fifth the American Bud Light. Completing the top 10 we find the following: Snow (China), Modelo (Mexico), Kirin (Japan), Miller Lite (United States) and Asahi (Japan).

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The Spanish beer brands in the ranking
To find the first Spanish brand we have to go to 24th place. That is where we find Estrella Damm , which improves 11 positions compared to 2020, with an increase of 23.4% in brand value. In second place we have Mahou , which has jumped seven places in the ranking by increasing 3.8% in brand value. This is in position 33, while in 49 is San Miguel , which increases its value by 14.9%. Other Spanish women that appear are Cruzcampo in 46, Damm in 80, Voll Damm in 84, Xibeca Damm in 86 and Mixed Shandy in 88.

Beer Brand Strength Ranking

In terms of brand strength, the strongest in the world also comes from Mexico. This is Victoria , with a score of 87.8 out of 100, 6.1 points higher than in 2020. However, it has experienced a 17.6% drop in brand value. It is followe by the Brazilian Skol with 87.3 and the South African Carling Black Label . The leading brand value beer, Corona, ranks 6th in the brand strength ranking with a score of 84.3.

Regarding the strength of the Spanish brands, Mahou remains in 22nd place with a score of 76.4, +0.7 higher than in 2020. It is followed by San Miguel in 26th place, with a growth of 4.2 points and a rating of 74.2. Estrella Damm climbs 4 places in the strength ranking to 35.

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