Motivate the viewer to act It is important that the user reacts to what he has just read. With the “Call to action”. the reader must buy. leave their data. download content. and/or send an email; therefore. do not forget to have a motivational component in your text. 10. Each section of the page should speak for itself. On multiple occasions. the user finds your page. but does not go through an ordered path. Therefore. even if you are not reading the main page. you must clearly know what your product or service is about. It is advisable to include a link that indicates to the user the route that he could take on the website.

Remember that the consumer’s purchase decision depends on how clear the information you offer is. Therefore. keep in mind the previous tips when making publications to achieve a high level of acceptance. For the third time we held the Digital Publishing Day Webinar. We had 8 hours of intensity in which we shared. with the help of 7 extraordinary experts. new topics that left a seed in the entrepreneurs. entrepreneurs and curious to learn. who participated in the third edition. Thanks to everyone who took at least an hour of their time to watch any of the conferences.

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Each of the words of congratulations Spain whatsapp number list thanks that we have received through the different media motivates us to continue working to provide Latin American entrepreneurs with training spaces that help them move forward with their dreams. Below you will see the recording of the 7 conferences. Enjoy them and do not forget to share them on networks. Vanessa Betancourt The digital revolution of SMEs In a short. but very “substantial” presentation. Vanessa. Publish Marketing Planner. was in charge of opening the Digital Day Webinar. Only 10 minutes were enough to lead Latin American businessmen to reflect on the challenges that we already have around the corner.

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Above all, see presentation “The digital revolution of SMEs” Jesús Álvarez Transform your leads into sales This talk was a favorite of the thousands of participants. The reason? Jesús was in charge of showing in a practical way how an SME can make the most of the visitors it receives in its digital media and lead them to convert them into customers. He live-analyzed a few pages and that was definitely the icing on the cake. See presentation “Transforming your leads into sales” Pablo DiMeglio Social and Digital Sales As an expert in social networks. Pablo showed us the best way to take advantage of those communities; get customers in a different way and move away from traditional sales strategies.

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In other words, see presentation “Social and Digital Sales” Yours Isaza How to transform your company into digital For the second time Tuyo surprised us with a spectacular conference. Again. as he did with Digital Leaders in the last Digital Day Webinar. he left us thinking about the importance of the WHOLE company being involved in marketing to achieve a true transformation. This must transcend and stop being the day-to-day of a single department. Susana Baizabal E-commerce and Smart Commerce for SMEs The most interesting thing about this conference is how Susana manages to show us that selling online is not essential. but the key is to take advantage of digital media to provide an experience to our customers.

We must go further! See presentation “e-commerce and Smart Commerce for SMEs” Pilar Bermúdez Datalogy: Discover the power of Big Data If you thought that Big Data was an exclusive topic for large agencies. you are wrong. Pilar will show you with practical examples how an SME can take advantage of data intelligence to achieve great results. Sylvia Ramírez Crisis. Marketing and new opportunities This last conference caused the webinar chat and social networks to “explode”. In 45 minutes. Sylvia showed attendees how to take advantage of marketing tools to generate new opportunities. think differently and become unforgettable.

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