The elections to the Assembly of the Community of Madrid , which will be held on Tuesday , May 4 , are keeping a large part of the Internet community expectant and very active. From Google they have wanted to use Google Trends to find out what are the searches that Madrid users have carried out in said search engine during the last seven days.

In order to draw a detailed scenario of what happens in the search bars of said engine, Google has evaluated based on the candidates as such, the political parties in general and the questions related to this electoral process.

Before Proceeding to Show the Results

Google makes special emphasis that the search interest is not related to the intention of the vote . The data is simply indicative of the topics and people that users want to learn more about.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso and VOX, the most searched on Google
Regarding the candidates, Isabel Díaz Ayuso , who again opts for the Popular Party (PP), is the one who leads , with 30%. They are followed by Pablo Estonia B2B list Iglesias with 27%, Rocío Monasterio with 17% and Mónica García with 13%. Ángel Gabilondo and Edmundo Bal are the last on the list , with 7% and 6%, respectively.

Email Database

If we look at political parties in particular, Vox takes the cake , with 50%, compared to 13% for Más Madrid, which is the following. The PP and United We Can share figures with 12%, while the PSOE remains at 8% and Ciudadanos repeats in last position with 5%.

What Are the Main Searches for Electoral Information?

In general, what is most searched on Google in relation to voting is how to vote by mail , the place where you have to vote and, the most curious thing, in third place is the question of “who to vote for on May 4” . When are the elections, who will win or who is running as a candidate are other questions that users often ask the search engine.

It is also noteworthy that in the searches related to each specific candidate, the one that takes number one in most cases is where the politician lives . This first place only changes in the case of Monasterio, about which they ask where he was born, although in the second we find the question of residence.

The studies of each one , the place of birth, the background before entering politics or the party to which they belong are some other doubts that corrode Internet users. If we go to the searches by parties, we find a lot of hesitation about whether the political groups are from the left or from the right , as is the case with the PSOE, PP or Más Madrid. The first question from United We Can, however, is whether they are communists, while Vox’s is what is a mena and Citizens who has resigned.

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