Put yourself in the position of a researcher in your field: what would you look for? Identify a USA Phone Number List unique phrase that reflects your research interest and use it, where possible, throughout your academic career. Publish in magazines with high impact factor or high visibility. Publish your articles, whenever it is legal, on self-archiving servers, primarily open USA Phone Number List access. Open availability increases the impact and number of citations of an article. Make your research easy to find, especially for online search engines. Publish in collaboration with international authors. Citation analysis shows that articles with international co-authors increase the USA Phone Number List number of citations by four times than those without international

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co-authors. Use more references, always rationally. There is a very USA Phone Number List strong relationship between the number of citations an article receives and the number of its references. Post a longer article (but watch out for repeats, vanities, etc.). Try to contribute on Wikipedia. Some research shows that an article by a researcher referenced on Wikipedia USA Phone Number List has received a significant number of citations compared to the rest of the articles by the same author. Use blogs and podcasts to reinforce discussion and dissemination of your ongoing research. Join academic social networks like Academia.edu and ResearchGate. Write a review article. Reviews are more likely to be cited than original research USA Phone Number List articles.

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Articles published after being first rejected in another journal receive USA Phone Number List considerably more citations. Therefore, there is no reason to be discouraged after a rejection, your article may come out stronger. Avoid question titles. Share detailed research data. Open data (publicly available datasets) have an influence on increasing the number of citations. This correlation is USA Phone Number List independent of the journal’s Impact Factor. Submit a working paper. Try going to a prestigious conference and presenting some advances of your research or publishing a working article. This allows us to create expectations of our research and to see the impact USA Phone Number List and interest that it generates.

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