The round table continued with the media as protagonists. Television has regained relevance for advertisers, and in fact at IAS they are already working with connected television. Even so, from Fagor they point out that ” television is expensive and fewer and fewer people watch it “. Also, keep in mind that segmentation is key for brands. «Our profile is mature, but that does not mean that we should focus on television or radio. On the other hand, Amazon also has a high cost and is very fixed on price ”, explains Marta Lucas.

The Truth Is that In Terms of E-Commerce

The truth is that in terms of e-commerce, in southern Europe we are very far from the north. So says Surace, who specifies that the best is yet to come brazil telephone book and we must be vigilant to take advantage of the growth trend. To which must be added the non-aggressiveness by which the brands should be characterized.

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In fact, Morell points out that « frequency is necessary to have a minimum of notoriety. But we must try not to cross the red line of being abusive. Also, the frequency is not the same when you vary the content. Something in which they agree from Bonduelle, since, according to Alonso: “We launch an independent block to each target and we do it once a week.”

Marín Assures that at IAS

For his part, Marín assures that at IAS «we do not measure frequency. But only impressions, since we put the focus on the content. The user does not reject advertising, but he does ask for it to have a meaning». To which her partner adds, based on the results of one of her studies: “ When an advertisement is relevant, we store it in long-term memory .”

The breakfast concludes with the general idea of ​​the IAS tool. Which Marín and Del Canto wanted to convey to the brands: ” Our technology is capable of understanding content as a human would, and thanks to this, brands can both avoid content they don’t want to appear on, such as choosing where they want their programmatic campaign to be served.”

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