“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” The author of the award-winning book The Paradox of Choice . Barry Schwartz. Says that the reason consumers prefer the least comes down to a matter of feelings and emotions. Schwartz suggests that when faced with more selections. Consumers are more likely to feel indecisive and therefore frustrated when choosing one option or another. The simplest brands are the ones that achieve a better relationship with their followers. How to apply the KISS method? Try to focus your attention on two or three elements at most around which your narrative. Graphic and ideological discourse revolves.

Remember that with a minimum of words you can leave lasting memories; make the complex simple. That is more profitable. Avoid being redundant in your messages and go step by step. Consumers don’t appreciate information overload. rather they run away from it. Therefore. keep all of your marketing processes as simple as possible. No matter the format. It is the way to get the consumer’s attention and get the results they expect. For all members of the marketing. Advertising and media industry. the term brief is crucial to everyday tasks. It is not only important that these meetings and reports are well planned to give a professional image to clients.

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It also helps make the team itself much Lebanon whatsapp number list efficient . In this sense. several analyzes and books have been written about what one should contain. And in general. it is crucial to focus on three key elements: Simplicity. the first rule of a good brief Many times the clients and the same team of the agency that will present the results have many things to do. In this sense. the brief must be simple and easy to understand. This is not to say that you should throw away the raw information and hope for the best. On the contrary. it has to be digested as much as possible to synthesize it into key ideas that are concise and informative. This can also give a better experience to customers.

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Define the objectives of the meeting clearly In order to write a simple. Clear and concise brief . it is crucial that the agency team is very clear about the purpose of the meeting. If you don’t clearly know what the client expects from this information session. You run the risk of giving them interesting data. but it doesn’t serve their objectives. This not only wastes the time of those present. At the same time. It encourages a worsening of the image that companies have of all collaborators. Set dates. deadlines and budgets in the brief Many of these reports are the prelude to new projects. Steps and strategies of the same campaign or of future activations.

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In this sense. it is important that if new promises are made or objectives are set. The available budget. goals and deadlines must be made clear during the brief . This not only greatly facilitates the team’s tasks in the medium term. It also helps to give a more professional impression to the client. Obviously. there are many more elements that are involved in designing a brief. Not only that. but even in these key elements. there are some details that agencies must fine-tune in order to give a good presentation. Fortunately. many of these elements will be covered during the webinar How to write a good brief? If you are interested in this course. taught by the CEO of Levadura Agencia.

Ana González Ortiz. Do not forget to visit the official website. Running is a discipline that requires more than just a good physical condition and a pair of sneakers that you can show off with pride. Actually. the previous two points are the least important. Running. as happens with the businesses that an entrepreneur starts. requires a strong mentality to cope with the many changes that may occur along the way and to know how to adapt to them. On climbs or in difficult moments. Your strategy must change to avoid fatigue; On the descents. Which are apparently the easiest sections. you must adapt the way you walk in such a way that this confidence does not turn into an injury.

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