Meanwhile. the event that most caught the attention of social network users was the victory of Andrés Manuel López Obrador on election day on July 1st. According to the consultant. he captured 90 percent of the universe contemplated. For its part. within the issues far from this panorama; Regarding the economy. the increase in the price of the dollar. as well as the red notes on the candidates assassinated during the campaign period. were of interest. To a low extent. in the conversations. Ashley Madison pointed out this Thursday that he made an offer to the Mexican player Héctor Herrera . Currently in Porto de Portugal. to be the image of the brand for one year. The online dating platform offers just over 200 thousand dollars to the Mexican player.

For Ashley Madison it is important to have a character like Héctor Herrera. Who reflects a fresh. daring personality. with a tendency to adventure.” It is not the first time that they seek to use a soccer player as an advertising image. in previous years the brand had Lionel Messi . Ashley Madison wants to take advantage of the World Cup . Something that many specialists consider very important this year. to grow her community and reinforce the culture of freedom in which having an affair is not a taboo subject. That Héctor Herrera is invited to participate with Ashley Madison is related to his participation in the party that some members of the Mexican National Team had after the farewell match against Scotland. Before leaving for the World Cup.

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The Porto midfielder was the most Cayman islands whatsapp number list  after the publication of photographs in which the players were not accompanied by their wives. At the moment the player has not commented on this offer. The dating app or platform market has a very important weight. It has more than 585 million users globally . But with the potential to exceed 661 million by 2022. according to projections published in Statista. Behind the applications there are mathematical calculations that choose possible candidates according to the criteria selected by the user. Love is a construction where several factors come into play. What is desired is hardly a question. And sometimes it is even very difficult to finish knowing what you want. Apps are not the ultimate solution for love but they can be a start.


They scan. Review and filter according to the information that the user shows and searches. After the participation of the Mexican National Team in the 2018 World Cup in Russia . The focus is now on next year’s Gold Cup. in which the objective will be to hook the fans again after the disappointment of the just that it is still in development. According to various press reports. Adidas . the brand that sponsors the tricolor. is already in the next step in clothing. According to the specialized page Footyheadlines . The national team would return to the black uniform model. Which debuted in 2010 and which. due to the good reception of the consumer. various designs were made until the 2015 Copa América held in Chile .

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Within the publication it is indicated that this new clothing would be launched during the first quarter of 2019; Perhaps by then the fans of the Mexican team have already overcome the bad taste in their mouths left by the elimination from the World Cup . It is also detailed that it would be the second kit. In addition to this. additional merchandise would also be presented in the same tone of the alternative uniform. such as the cap that Footyheadlines showed in its transcendence. According to ESPN . the agreement between the Azteca team and Adidas is valid until 2030. so during the two upcoming World Cup cycles. The Mexican team’s garments will be in charge of the German sports firm. This makes sense when information from the sports media indicates that sales of the.

Mexican uniform are within the top 5 of national teams. Only below Germany. Argentina and Spain . with a demand of 1.5 to 2 million units during the World Cup. In such a way that being the brand that dresses the selection is a guarantee of results. as long as the models please the fans. The Sochi Olympic Stadium will be the stage where the Russian and Croatian teams. Will meet for the World Cup quarterfinals in a match that is surprising since. Although the Croats have shown a good game. The locals surprised the planet by eliminating one of the powers of the contest. Spain. It is precisely the team led by Stanislav Cherchesov who has drawn attention. not primarily from brands or potential new sponsors. but from various instances and authorities; the host raised doubts about his honesty being under suspicion of doping.

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