After going live, it’s time for even more marketing. Per episode you can use audio snippets, videos, images with quotes and other types of content to promote the individual episodes. You place this on your website, newsletter, social media and all other channels Peru Phone Number you manage and where your target group is located. Don’t forget to bring your colleagues along. They can be fantastic ambassadors. Involve people in the origin and process of your podcast, so that you make them enthusiastic. Relevant hashtags help you increase your reach on social media. Do you want an even greater reach? Then take a look at the options of paid promotion.

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It differs per channel how specific you can make the target group. It is good to think of channels such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, but the various social media channels can also offer a solution, depending on your target group of course. Finally, it is also Peru Phone Number to look at the possibilities with regard to collaborations with other or similar podcasts and giving interviews and/or receiving guests. By involving others, there is a good chance that your guests and/or partners will also share content about this and thus increase your reach. This article has been checked by the SEO panel . I’ve tripped over the 4-letter word ‘but’ so many times that I now wear a helmet and knee pads.

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As a precaution and only when I edit other people’s texts. Yet ‘but’ has a hidden power once you use the word in the right way. Then that protection is no Peru Phone Number necessary. In fact: you have a very soft landing in the subconscious brain of your readers. But why? Recently I was allowed to edit a text. nice. Until I stumbled upon the word ‘but’. During a quick CTRL-F action on this signal word, I understood why I had tripped. The text of a few hundred words contained ‘but’ 51 times. Luckily I was wearing my helmet and knee pads. 51 times the signal word was used as a handy bridge to connect sentences. Probably in the hope that this word would guide the reader through the story. Wishful thinking.

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