Madrid will host on December 14 at the El Beatriz Auditorium. The Luxury Awards to instill some of the great values ​​of Gala Acción Social. The organizer of the event, such as the fight for responsible advertising. And luxury brands, human rights and animal respect.

In This Festival Full of Glamor

The importance of the communication strategy of any luxury or premium brand is value, as a very effective way of transmitting the malaysia mobile phone number example company’s philosophy and at the same time helping to approach customers. In addition, social referents. In this IX edition, there will be the presence of great personalities and celebrities from the sector. The wonderful model and presenter Jacqueline de la Vega will be in charge of hosting the Luxury Awards Gala.

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Honorary President of Luxury Awards

After that,  It will be attend by HRH Princess Béatrice D’ Orléans, Honorary President of Luxury Awards, the famous designers Victorio & Lucchino, Presidents and Vice Presidents of the Jury and Winners and Honorary Members of Social Action Gala, Mar Flores, Lifetime Achievement Award in Advertising Luxury and Premium Brands, the great designer Alejandro de Miguel , Award for Best Innovation in Design, Möet, Honor Award in Responsible Luxury 2021 among others. If you want to participate in these prestigious awards, you just have to click here and present your great works.

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