Every minute there are 4,497,420 million searches on Google. This data reflects a great challenge for companies, which must know what data users are looking for in order to understand their needs and stand out. At this point it becomes essential to work on the positioning or SEO of the content.

Having an SEO strategy becomes a clear competitive advantage that has a direct impact on cost savings and sales. In order to find out the degree of maturity in this field of the insurance sector, Good Rebels has developed the SEO Competitor Index based on its methodology.

This Study Offers an X-Ray

of the search engine positioning strategies of the seven insurance companies with the highest number of policies and billing in the Spanish market. “Designing an SEO strategy based on data presents great opportunities for the business of large insurers, a highly competitive industry,” says Miguel Orense , SEO director at the company.

“On the one hand, it will help companies increase their visibility and optimize the user experience throughout the ‘customer journey’, while Singapore WhatsApp Number List increasing traffic capture and conversion thanks to content marketing,” says Orense. In order to develop the SEO index, Good Rebels has analyzed five performance factors : authority, popularity, organic traffic, search engine visibility and web performance and UX.

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The main results confirm that only three of the seven large insurers pass in terms of SEO. Mapfre, Mutua Madrileña and AXA. Mapfre is positioned as the leader (74.2 out of 100) and stands out in terms of authority, visibility and popularity. Achieving estimated monthly savings of 4,300,000 euros in pay per click (PPC) through its SEO traffic.

Ranking of The Big Insurers According to Their SEO Strategies

Mutua Madrileña (65.2) stands out in terms of organic traffic. Which represents an estimated monthly saving in paid media of €429,600, and in UX. In terms of visibility, with more than 300,000 searches per month for the word “mutua madrileña” , it is at the “top of mind” in the sector.

AXA (54.4), is placed in the top 3, even though it is one of the companies. With the lowest business volume of the seven analyzed. It has the best score associated with the experience that the user perceives when interacting with the interface of its web platform. This competitive advantage will be fundamental in 2021, since Google will incorporate the ‘core web vitals’ as a positioning signal in its algorithm.

Then there’s Allianz , which excels at UX. After this we have the case of Vidacaixa (41.2), the first competitor by business volume and fifth in the ranking. This is due, above all, to the great weight of its secondary brand, Adeslas. Next, we find Zurich , with the highest popularity of all insurers. Lastly, we have Catalana Occidente.

Strengths and Weaknesses in The Positioning of Insurers

The user experience stands out as the most forgotten within the SEO strategies of the main insurers. Therefore, it will be one of the key points that they will have to work on. Not only within positioning plans, but as an essential part of the digital transformation of companies.

The study also reflects how large insurers focus their strategies on factors such as search engine visibility and link quality. Despite boosting their positioning, they generate a great cannibalization of services. Which makes it difficult to optimize content in the analyzed domains.

In short, activating comprehensive SEO strategies based on data will bring many advantages to competitors in the insurance sector. As long as it is connected to all areas of the marketing plan. And they are capable of accompanying consumers throughout the entire “customer journey”.

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