The last decade has been an intense one for the customer experience. Today’s multi-generational consumer is at a mile an hour in their routine, looking for new ways to make it easier. This is where voice assistants come in , who are living their golden age.

This fact does not escape the radar of SMEs, who already see this system as a useful tool to gain visibility among customers and potential customers. For millennials, they succeed because they love discovering new products and services. If we look at Generation Z, their average capacity is eight seconds, so they have no room for slow online experiences.

Alphas Have Been Exposed to Assistants Like Siri Since Birth

So they are expected to react well to this avenue. Semrush has also included Siri and Alexa in its analysis of how the different assistants that SMEs can incorporate into their strategies operate.

Among the conclusions obtained, some recommendations and aspects that local businesses must take into account to incorporate voice assistants Philippines WhatsApp Number List efficiently are included. Keys for SMEs to optimize the use of voice assistants. Below, we share the main conclusions of the Semrush report that SMEs must keep in mind to benefit from the integration of voice assistants.

Email Database

SMBs should try to accommodate Google Assistants Siri and Alexa , because they have similar market share and their algorithms are drastically different. The average response length for all attendees analyzed is 23 words. Google Assistant devices return the longest responses, at 41 words. Alexa cannot return results for every fourth question.

This Implies that It Is Primarily a Home Device

That understands voice commands, but is not design to perform search queries. With Google devices, SMEs can apply a “standard” logic of local SEO to improve their presence in Local Pack. They can also adjust their content to match the more natural language of voice search queries. It should also be noted that it will help to improve the SME’s Google My Business page. Take advantage of structured data and create content that is simple and easy to understand.

To appear in Apple’s Siri responses, SMBs must aim for higher positions on Yelp. They should also have more positive reviews from their customers. Plus, having a 4.5/5 Yelp rating with the most reviews will make any local business. The most popular in the eyes of Siri. The study shows that voice assistants understand users better and better. The average percentage of unanswered questions across all devices is already just 6.3%. It is a positive trend, since, according to a Forrester study, just over a year ago this figure was around 35%.

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